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"... like architecture in sound"

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The Netherlands
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Photo credit, Vanessa Lann: Teo Krijgsman

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"In every art it is the most elementary and primitive means that achieve the most profound effects."
- Rudolph Arnheim

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."
- Leonardo Da Vinci

1983 Moods of the Seasons piano solo 9'
1985 Forest Patterns flute, clarinet, bassoon 8'
1985 Nocturne piano solo 5'05"
1987 Fantasia for String Trio string trio 6'
1989 Two Ukrainian Folk Sketches Bb clarinet and piano 11'
1989 Daybreak flute duo 10'10"
1990 Prayer, Torture and Ecstasy* cello solo 10'05"
1990 Journey to... horn and double bass 8'
1990 Piece... of Pizza* percussion quintet 6'
l990 Lullabye For A Young Girl Dreaming* string quartet 16'

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1991 Views electronic music 4'
1991 Beneath the Veils large ensemble [flute, oboe, Bb clarinet,
bass clarinet, bassoon, alto sax, 2 violins, viola, cello,
double bass, percussion, harp]
1991 Entranced by the Beckoning Light* piano solo 10'15"
1991 Beyond "Is" and "Is not"* piccolo quartet 4'
1991 Madness and the Moonwoman, for Ensemble violin, 2 violas, double bass, Bb clarinet, accordion 16'
1992 Helen's Song harp solo 4'
1992 Madness and the Moonwoman* version for orchestra - original 1991 16'
1993 Dancing to an Orange Drummer* large ensemble [2 flutes (1: also piccolo), clarinet (Bb/bass), soprano sax, alto sax, trumpet, horn, 2 trombones, tuba, percussion, piano, elec. guitar, elec. bass] 5'35"
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1993 Embracing the Currents of Avalon brass quintet 7'
1993 In the Circumference of My Solitude* viola and double bass 16'
1994 Herman's Song
(text: Richard Lann)*
countertenor and piano 11'20"
1994 Madness and the Moonwoman, for Ensemble version for large ensemble [flute (C/alt), soprano sax, double bassoon, trumpet, cello, accordion, piano] - original 1991 16'
1994 Inner Piece* piano solo 8'
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1994 Coming Home
(text: Richard Lann)*
improvising ensemble [mezzo soprano, clarinet (Bb/bass), recorder (sopr/ten/bass), trombone, violin, double bass, elec. guitar, piano/synthesizer, percussion] 16'
1995 American Accents* percussion duo 10'15"
1995 Bambino Sonoro oboe, piano, percussion, harp, double bass (other versions possible, eg: violin, piano, percussion, harp, bass clarinet) 12'
1995 Dan Neem Ik Een Bloemkool* bass clarinet, cello, piano 11'
1996 DD (Double D) piano solo 1'
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1996 The Owl and the Pussycat
(text: Edward Lear)*
mezzo soprano and piano 10'10"
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1996 Towards the Center of Indigo* saxophone quartet 11'
1997 The Way of the Ram* large ensemble [flute (C/picc/alt), 3 saxophones (all sizes),
horn in F, 3 trumpets in C, 3 trombones (2 ten, 1 bass),
piano, double bass]
1997 Masquerade in Ribbons string quintet plus saxophone quintet 11'
1997 In the Moment* recorder quartet (4 Renaissance recorders:
G Alto, Tenor, Bass in F, C Bass)
1998 My Dove, My Beautiful One
(text: James Joyce)
mezzo soprano and piano 4'
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1998 Recalling Chimes* piano solo 10'15"
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1999 The Key to the Fourteenth Vision* violin solo 3'
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1999 Resurrecting Persephone* flute and orchestra 25'05"
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2000 The Mind Traveller electronic tape (trombone, voices) / dance, video 43'
2000 Second Nature* piano, 4 hands 12'
2001 Lucifer's Sun* bass clarinet and harpsichord 11'
2001 Leaps of Faith* piano solo and tape 5'30"
2001 Objects of Ritual* flute, Bb clarinet, violin, cello, piano 22'
2001 The Stone flute solo / sound environment 18'
2001 The Book* clarinet solo (B-flat or bass) / sound environment 16'30"
2001 The Mask violin solo 6'
2001 The Bowl cello solo 10'15"
2001 The Candle piano solo / sound environment 7'45"
2002 Gardener of the Stream* symphony orchestra 13'
2003 Valse Ancienne (or Thirteen Ways of Looking Out a Window)* cello and piano 16'
2003 Sleep, Sleep Gypsy* flute, bass clarinet, piano 16'
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2004 Micro-fohn (or Witches, Words and the Wind)
(text: Gertrude Stein)*
soprano, recorder, violin, percussion 12'
2004 Is a bell... a bell?* two toy pianos (one performer) 5'05"
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2005 Memory Demands So Much*
(text: Denise Levertov)
soprano and piano 15'15"
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2005 Illuminating Aleph
(text: Chaim N. Bialik)
cantor (tenor), chamber choir, instrumental ensemble [guitar, ud, harp, percussion, piano, violin, cello, double bass] 17'
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2006 The Flames of Quietude* symphony orchestra 21'
2006 Landscape of a Soul's Remembering* string quartet 21'
2007 Springs Eternal* violin and piano 8'30"
2008 Divining Apollo* violoncello and ensemble/orchestra (cello concerto) 21'
2009 Knowing Rose*
(text: W. B. Yeats)
female voice, violin, piano 17'
2009 American, Woman
(texts: Anne Bradstreet, Emma Lazarus, Sara Teasdale)
soprano and flute 11'
2009 Down to the Sea in Ships*
large wind ensemble 12'
2010 Tree Of Life So Green
(texts: anon - "Jesus Christ the Apple Tree", and Christopher Nolan)
8-part women's choir: SSSSAAAA 3'
2010 O Whispering Suns*
(text: Walt Whitman)
Large mixed choir, Medium mixed choir, violin, cymbalom 60'-68'
(orig. 1990; arr. Kelly, Lann)
Lullabye For A Young Girl Dreaming, for String Orchestra version for string orchestra 17'
(orig. 2010; arr. Lann)
Tree Of Life So Green
version for 8-part men's choir: (TTTTBBBB) 3'
2011 Piano Quintet 2 violins, viola, cello, piano 41'
2012 De Stilte van Saar*
(libretto: Erik-Ward Geerlings)
opera for 9 singers and instrumental ensemble: two saxophones, trombone, percussion, guitars, toy piano 74'
2013 The Many Men So Beautiful
(text: David Jones, from In Parenthesis)
Chamber Choir, SSSSAAAATTTTBBBB 6'30"
2013 Double | Reed* bassoon and orchestra (bassoon concerto) 26'
2014 Ad 's-Gravesande oboe quartet 3'
2014 Arlecchino Unmasked blockflute, panflute, viola, accordion, percussion 10'05"
2014 moonshadow sunshadow violin duo 10'05"
2014 Present Tense oboe quartet 8'
(orig. 1993; arr. Lann)
Dancing to an Orange Drummer* version for symphony orchestra 5'35"
2015 Happy Birthday 234! bassoon solo 40"
(orig. 1991; arr. Lann)
Beyond "Is" and "Is not"* version for solo piccolo and 3-track tape (or three live players) 4'
2015 ZEMTSOV'S FIVE* viola quartet plus fifth part for student(s) 23'
2015 Big Picture piano trio 20'15"
2015 Lather. Rinse. Repeat. bass clarinet quartet 7'
2016 The Duck and the Kangaroo
(text: Edward Lear)
4-part children's choir: SSAA 4'
2016 The bird that was trapped has flown
(text: James Robertson)
solo soprano, female vocal ensemble (SSSSAAAA), nyckelharpa, kokle 5'05"
2016 US piano, four hands 4'
2016 In a Heartbeat, Interludes for Orchestra symphony orchestra 16'
2016 Stap Verder* 26-piece bigband 20'30"
2017 Rise* concerto for two bassoons and (amateur) orchestra 21'
2017 Past Tense shawm, recorder, sackbut, dulcian, organ, percussion 10'05"
2017 naked, I piano duo 26'
2018 Future Perfect* orchestra 10'15"
2018 Tree of Life So Green
(texts: anon - "Jesus Christ the Apple Tree", and Christopher Nolan)
baritone and large ensemble 5'05"

MySpace pages for Vanessa Lann (four sound clips per page):

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There are two archived radio programs featuring interviews with, and music of, Vanessa Lann on Kalvos and Damian's New Music Bazaar:

"Roadmaps" (May 12, 2001) contains full recordings of Resurrecting Persephone and The Owl and The Pussycat.

"Gone in Sixty Seconds... No, Wait, 90 Seconds... No..." (May 19, 2001) contains full recordings of Inner Piece, Recalling Chimes, DD (Double D) and Dancing to an Orange Drummer.

To hear the music, go to the 30' mark after clicking on the DATE of the show desired (clicking on the title of the program will not work; it must be the DATE of the desired show).

For more biographical information about Vanessa Lann (temporarily only in Dutch; publisher is revamping catalogue): article from DONEMUS Composer's Brochure and bio from DONEMUS Composer's Brochure

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