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Vanessa Lann has a new cd! On the ATTACCA label (Attacca 2015146)!

It is available in shops in the Netherlands and Belgium from December 1, 2015!
Wonderful performances of Vanessa's music by fantastic musicians!
To order by internet, go to
the ATTACCA website!

And to hear Guy Livingston's ConcertZender radio program about the cd, with Vanessa live in the studio, go to
American Highways with Guy Livingston!

And to hear "moonshadow sunshadow" - the title track from the cd - performed by Liza Ferschtman and Esther Hoppe, go to
this Soundcloud link of Vanessa Lann!


Lann has just completed a commissioned work for the Fagotnetwerk (Bassoon Network) of the Netherlands. It is called Rise, and it is scored for two solo bassoons and (amateur) orchestra. The idea behind the piece is that this beautiful instrument - and the (amateur) performers of this instrument - deserve more attention! The piece was written with the interests and capacities of amateur orchestral musicians in mind. The two bassoonists of every orchestra performing this work will get a very-much-needed chance to shine! Publisher Donemus is doing everything possible to make this piece available (and not too costly) for any orchestras in the world who wish to perform it.

Here is a link to Vanessa's presentation about "Rise" on the 14th of May in Groningen:

Please also see upcoming events for more details about other works which have been performed recently, or those which will be performed/premiered in the near future!


twitter name: @vanessacomposer

(photo credit: Gerhard van Roon)


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